Tech: Experience the sounds of luxury.

Blessed to be given a chance to attend the JBL event, I was given a chance to check out this sweet little thing.

This pretty little thing is the JBL Pulse. Retailing at S$299.00.

JBL has this really wide range of portable speakers with various colours. You can mix and match, or get all the colours! Here’s the best part – you can pair up the speakers together and amplify the speakers! That’s definitely one point I like about the JBL speakers.

I was given the chance to try out this two products – Clip+ and JBL Reflect i wireless headset.

Being busy with dance sessions with the Mobteam for the past one month, a portable speaker is very important for me. I usually have to lug the heavy portable speaker I have. When I got Clip+, the first thought was “This is really light!” It’s almost 5 times lighter than the weight of my current portable speaker. So I brought it to a personal dance session and gave it a try. The Clip+ comes in handy, especially for ladies like us who brings hell lots of stuffs in our bag. We can also clip the Clip+ like a carabiner.

Almost weightless on Mr. Peanut!

JBL Clip+ – S$99.00

Next up, the JBL Reflect i Apple iOS In-Ear Sport Headphones.

I’ve started running since about a year plus ago. And for someone whom enjoys music, having a wireless earbuds with me is a must.

It comes with 3 other earbuds sizes, depending on personal preference. I put the wireless earbuds to good use for quick runs and the sound quality of the earbuds is good.

You can purchase the JBL products at Lazada’s Singapore website. :)


Food: Fu Lin Men Dou Lao (福临门豆捞)

福临门豆捞 (Fu Lin Men Dou Lao) is originated from Macau, serving fresh & live seafood. With the individual hotpots, every customer can enjoy their choice of refreshing and healthy soup base and with a larger crowd, you’ll get to try all of the soup bases available.

Their idea is to put work, eat and play all in one venue. That is why, they are opened until 4am!
Also, they have different sizes of VIP rooms to cater to groups that would prefer personal space or even a VIP room that caters for meetings.

With the projector, you can easily have a meeting with your colleagues during lunch, enjoy food and presentation all at one place.

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao offer a total of 9 different soup bases:-
1) Ma-La Spicy Pot ($8)
2) Secret Recipe Seafood Pot ($10)
3) Bone Soup Pot ($10)
4) Chinese Herbal Pot ($8)
5) Mushroom Pot ($8)
6) Chestnut Chicken Pot ($10)
7) Tom Yam Soup ($8)
8) Vegetarian ($8)
9) Tomato Soup ($6)

For myself, I opted for the Chinese Herbal soup base.

The soup base is the healthier choice (and really good for ladies), taste really refreshing and doesn’t have too much of that herbs kind of taste.

Cold Black Fungus Salad ($6)

Assorted Vegetables ($12)
Wide range of vegetables available and to me, fresh vegetables is also important for hotpot.

Assorted Mushrooms ($14)
There are 6 different variety of mushrooms and I’d say, it’s sufficient for 4 pax. :)

Fried Fish Skin ($8)
I love how it goes very well with the sauce mixed by the staffs at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao.

Assorted Beancurd Platter ($6)
It has the normal beancurd, greentea beancurd and frozen beancurd. The frozen beancurd is somewhat like beancurd skin.

Homemade Assorted Treasure Balls ($16)

Live Tiger Prawns ($18)

Fresh Live Seabass ($45)

Fresh Live Red Snapper ($55)

The Seabass and Red Snapper were really fresh and is super smooth & tender!

Beef Lamb Platter ($38)

Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice ($12, Small)

For my readers, enjoy 10% discount off regular price for the month of July 2015 when you flash the below coupon!

Fu Lin Men Dou Lao 福临门豆捞
16 North Canal Road
Singapore 048828
Reservation Line: 6532 2777

Til then,

166/365. Panasonic Beauty Workshop

Hola bumblebees! :)
The weekend flew by and we’re in the mid of the year, in the mid month already! I had such a fulfilling Saturday, attending Panasonic x Beauty Workshop with MichB.

And the beauty guru of the day is Bryan Gan! 😀

I never attended any of his workshop before and to be honest, it didn’t felt like one. He makes the whole session so interactive and fun! He is in early forties but definitely do not look like an uncle. He shared some tips to stay youthful too. 😀

He shared with us the following beauty products that us ladies should use to maintain a youthful complexion. The Panasonic Facial Roller (Model: EH-SP32-S421) is one hot product. With the price below $200, it can help you tighten your skin on your face and you can even use it to massage your calves (super good for ladies who wears heels everyday!) or your tummy to relieve bloatedness.

The effect during one usage is very visible as he demonstrated on one of his fans.

The Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer (Model: EH-SA31) can save your time to go for facial. It is advisable to keep your face 20cm from the steamer and use it for 6 mins each time. It increases firmness and suppleness, reduces facial oil & sebum and refine pores for smoother skin.

And to maximise the effect, it’s best to use the Panasonic Facial Cool Putter (Model: EH-SQ10) for 1 minute after using the steamer. The Cool Putter reaches about 15 degree celsius and instantly cools+tightens your skin.

Lastly, my favourite (and definitely something I need!) – The Panasonic Eye Warming Massager (Model: EH-SW50)!

This eye warming massager emits warm steam that moisturises eye area. It also has 2 types of vibrating massage modes to help relieve eye strain. One of the best companion to put by the bed side so you can have some good eye massage before bedtime.

And now, SPECIAL OFFER* for my readers.

1. Cool Putter EH-SQ10 (Usual RRP: S$129)
Special Price: S$109 (including delivery and GST).

2. Facial roller EH-SP32 (Usual RRP: S$189)
Special Price: $159 (including delivery and GST).

3. Compact Facial Steamer EH-SA31 (Usual RRP: S$199)
Special Price: $174 (including delivery and GST).

*Discount valid from now until 05 July 2015!

That is like a 15% discount, including delivery to your place!

To place an order:-
1. Email [] with the subject: Blog readers’ promo – Panasonic Beauty (
2. In the email, indicate product name, model, and quantity of items you wish to purchase.
3. Indicate your name and contact number, and that you saw this promo from

For more information on the Panasonic products, you may visit and like Panasonic SG on their facebook page:

And support Bryan by visiting his blog @ and add him on Facebook:

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